Town Hall

Town hall was constructed in 1876 in Gothic architectural style. This Beautiful building stands in the extensive and beautiful garden. It is one of the oldest gardens in the city. Varieties of indigenous and exotic plants are found in this garden. Many trees and plants in the garden have medicinal, ornamental and research value. It is a rich botanical laboratory for researchers. It is a nesting as well as roosting site for many birds, animals, butterflies, insects, etc. Town hall is one of the largest roosting sites of bats in the city.

The building is two spires and steep roof. It consists of a large central hall and gallery with two rooms on either side joined to the main hall by a spacious verandah in the front. There is fine porch with a terrace over it, joined to the hall and gallery. There is big arched wooden door leading in to the hall.

From 1949 the building of town hall is used as Government museum. The hall contains glass cases in which are displayed various articles. In the northern wing there is an art gallery where painting of noted local artists is displayed. The antiques found during the excavations of Brahmapuri such as old sculptures, filigree works on sandalwood and ivory, old coins and paintings of master artists of region are all displayed here.