Appachi Wadi

Kurli is hardly 3 to 4 kilometers away from Appachiwadi. Appachiwadi is a small Wadi that is under Kurli village. The village has the natural beauty and heavenly calmness. Shree Halsiddhanath Maharaj first came to Kurli from Chikodi. One needs to cross the Chikotra River to reach Kurli. Shree Maharaj saw Chikotra was flowing fast and deep, full in flood. He looked for a boatman but he was call off the day.

So Shree Maharaj decided to stay at Chikhali at night. Later on, the people build the temple of Shree Halsiddhanath near the river because this area has blessed with a holy stay of Shree Maharaj.

In the early morning, Shree Halsiddhanath Maharaj came to the riverbank to cross the river but still the boatman was not arrived. Now, he decided to cross the flooded river, and threw his wool blanket that is a Ghongadaon water surface. He sat on the blanket, and with his spiritual power, the blanket floated on the water like a boat. Shree Halsidhanath Maharaj crossed the river on the blanket and reached to Kurli. People were very surprised to see this.

Maharaj stayed at Kurli for some days, and then went to Appachiwadi. He chose Appachiwadi as his Karmabhumi (land of destiny) even though that is a very small village. Lush greenery, environment of dark shadows of huge tamarind trees, calmness of green fields, cold and cool water of streams in Appachiwadi attracted Shree Maharaj. He decided to stay there and bless the place with his pious existence. He used to perform penance in the caves at lonely place. The door of such place is so small that one has to bend horizontal to enter into the cave.

Fragrance of his penance, miracles, and blessings spread in the nearby areas so soon that people started approachinghim with real trust and faith. People started respecting and trusting him. He had always referred as an arbitrated in village disputes. He also used to heal the diseases of poor people with his spiritual power of quantum healing. He started curing and caring people with mothers heart, and people started worshiping him as incarnation of God.