Kholkhandoba Temple is located at north-west side on Kolhapur city. Beside the many myths, it is said that Shri Manajirao Jagtap of Kolhapur was profound devotee of deity Lord Khandoba, and he was visiting to Jejuri, the night of new moon every month without any conveyance, trudging and trudging for worshiping of Khandoba. As the day passed and his old age trudging to Jejuri was not possible to him.

His devotion was so profound that Lord Khandoba of Jejuri actually in sighted and dreamt by to Manojirao Jagtap and showed the holy place for his existence. After actual spectacle of Lord Khandoba Shri Manojirao was drawn in supreme happiness and he suggested place for excavating and ‘Shivlinga’ (a particular engraved stone as a sign of Lord Shiva) was found. After his death other devotees build a temple. Thus Shivlinga was found in a deep ground hence it is named as Kholkhandoba. Main door of temple is at east side and upper part is in round shape as Islamic Masjid type. It is said that this temple was built in the period Mughals emperors near about 13th to 14th century. In temple ‘Shivlinga’ is deep in the ground. Internal space is about hundred square feet. Behind ‘Shivlinga’ there is square table type place for pooja material etc. and front of that place there is a marble idol of ‘Shri Mhalsakant Devi’ supposed as wife of Lord Khandoba. Height of temple is about up to 50 feet from bottom to upstage and strange is that, this temple is without any pillars. Other idols Lord as Banai Devi (second wife of Lord Khandoba), now a day temple started restoration.