Narasoba Wadi

Most frequented place of visit from Kolhapur is situated at a distance of 45 km on the rivers of Krishna and Panchganga. It is renowned for the holy ‘Padukas’ (wooden sleeper) of shri Dattaguru (an incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh). Because of Avatar (incarnation) of Shree Dattaguru the area of Narsimhawadi has become pure. Every day the Padukas of God faith the Pooja is performed.It is belived that Shree Narsimha Saraswati is the third Avatar of the Dattaguru.

The tree of Avadumbar also regarded as the tree of God and hence, the temple has importance. Many saints of wadi are famous because otherwise various Leelas. Those Leelas are depicted in Guru Charitra. In rural language it is known as Narsobachiwadi. In Gurucharitra, this religions importance is described in the name of Amarapur. Shri Nrusinh saraswati while travelling after completing Chaturmas at Oudumber, reached this place. There were many Audumber tree forests. Due to earnest request of Datta devotees swami stayed there. Nrusinh Sraswati’s stay was for about 12 years at this place and therefore the place got the name as Narsobawadi. Swami established Datta Paduka (sacred footwear). The place has natural beauty and refreshing scenery due to confluence of Krishna and Panchaganga and thick forests of Audumber trees. Swamiji’s stay added sacredness and the attraction of people. The Nrusinhawadi area is spread for about one square mile in the centre of two rivers Krishna and Panchaganga. The population of town is about 4000. On the Ghat of Krishna River and below large Audumber trees there is a beautiful and attractive temple. The Paduka established by Swami are there in that temple.

The latest temple of today is built by King Adilshah. Due to Shree Swami’s blessing the blind daughter of Adilshah got vision.

Specially Buying:- Pedhe, Kavathachi Barfi( Wood-apple sweets) and Basundi.

Nearest Places :Khidrapur (15 km)