Tarle Vitthalai Devi

In the foothills of the Sahyadri , on a hilltop, in a scenic forest, is a place of worship for millions of devotees. Vitthalai is a village in Durgmanwad taluka of Radhanagari taluka in Kolhapur district. If we call it Radhanagari taluka in Kolhapur district, we come across a dam built by Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj and a dense forest. Millions of tourists visit this place every year. However, there is a unique place in this area , it is the village of Durgmanwad. Enjoy tourism along with darshan It is 60 km from Kolhapur and only 8 km from Radhanagari village. Currently, a good road has been constructed in this area and a large number of devotees have gathered here. An ancient small temple was built in Durgmanwad area. Although the temple now looks large and magnificent, hundreds of years ago it was small in square shape. In this temple, there is an idol of Goddess in a stone two and a half feet high. Currently, the bronze statue was kept in the temple for darshan , gabharyatila devicam looked as if the mind was serene. There is also an idol behind the goddess Vitthalai . Besides , there is a turtle in front of the temple. As Goddess Vitthala is the goddess of the devotees, millions of devotees still come here on foot to pay homage to the Goddess. There are houses of Guru community who have been worshiping Goddess around the temple since ancient times. Priests in the Gurav community have long been responsible for the goddess and the temple. There are stalls around the temple for the worship of Goddess. The summit of the temple is at 51 feet and the restoration work of the temple is about to start.