Ugwai Devi

At Radhanagri back water, Ugwai Devi temple, Fonda ghat view and Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, with Namrata Chougale and other now known as Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, was declared as 1st wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra in 1958. The sanctuary was also popular as “Bison Sanctuary”. The latest surveys recorded about 425 species of plants, 47 species of Mammals, 264 species of birds, 59 species of reptiles, and 66 species of butterflies in the sanctuary. The main attraction of the sanctuary is Indian Bison or gaur (Bos gaurus). According to the 2004 survey, the population was around 610. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is a great getaway from Mumbai and Pune for wildlife enthusiasts.during rain closed.