Vithhal Mandir Temple

The temple of Vithoba, which was probably built about the same time as Mahalaxmi temple, lies south-east near the Subhash Chowk. A large space encloses five temples with a rest-house large enough for several hundred travelers. The chief temple of Vithoba to the right is built of stone and is similar in style to the great temple of Mahalaxmi. In front of this temple, there is a double-stored wooden mandap which is of fairly recent construction.

Another old temple to the left dedicated to Vishveshwar is similar in style to Vithoba temple. The entrance is grand and has spacious rooms on the top. On the bright elevenths of Hindu month Ashadh (near June-July and Kartika (October-November) fairs are held in honor of the God Vithoba when flowers and leaves of the bel (three leaf) and the tulsi (basil plant) are offered. The rooms on the entrance as well as the two buildings on either side of the entrance are now used by a school. Except the temple of Vithoba the other temples appear to be slightly neglected and signs of disrepair are visible in some of them.