Kalamba Lake

Kalamba Lake is located at 3 miles, on the outskirts of the Kolhapur city, but it has special importance for the city. This lake was built in 1873 to provide clean water to Kolhapur City. Total area covers 63.13 Hectors and total spending of money was Rs. 186000/- during the period. This lake makes from stream which has comes from Katyayani Hill, the ancient temple of Goddess katyayani.

Kalamba Lake attracts many migratory birds during the winter season. There are also found some foreign birds because of the area have known for bird sighting place. This lake has potential to sustain the great biodiversity. This lake fulfills the demands of drinking water of large area of city and also using for as a fishing spot. Some people collect lotus from here and sale it in market for devotees. It has an earning resource of few people also some people use water of lake for irrigation for farming and other need. To prevent kalamba Lake pollution corporation declared this area as non-development zone.