Karul Ghats

Location :- Gaganbawada 1 km from bus stand.

Base Village :- Gaganbawada.

Height :- 304 meter from sea level.

Brief History :-

The Karul Ghats starts immediately after Gaganbawada village (1 km from bus stand). Karul Ghats goes towards Northern part of Sindhudurg District. The quality of road is good. Length of Karul Ghats is 11 km. The entire Ghats comes under the administration of Vaibhavwadi Tehsil of Sindhudurg. This Ghats is beautiful and very scenic in monsoon. This Ghats ends just before Vaibhavwadi and the state highway ends at Talere village (NH 17).

What to See :

The evergreen tropical forest.

Where to Stay:

Magamwadi (BhowadWadi), phansgaon, Tayshete.