Old Name :- Prasiddhagad

Height :- 940 meter From sea level

Location: 50 km south from Kolhapur city

Brief History :-

Fort Bhudargad is situated near Pushpanagar village, 50 km south of Kolhapur and 12th km from Gargoti. Fort was built by Raja Bhoj II (Shilahara dynasty). The most distinct feature of this fort is the vision range in all the four direction. Chh. Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort on 1667 and repaired it for using soldier’s camp. After it was captured by the Mughals. About five years later the fort was retaken, and the standard colours of the Mughal general who was killed in the conflict were presented to the temple of Bhairav where they are still kept. About the close of the 18th century Parasuhrampant Bhau Patvardhan took the fort by bribing the garrison and held it for about ten years when it was retaken by the Kolhapur State. Subsequently Parashurampant Bhau and Gopalpant Apte the chief of Ichalkaranji made several vain attempts to win it back. During this war, of the five hamlets which formerly clustered round the fort three were destroyed. In 1844 the garrisons of Bhudargad and Samangad revolted and closed their gates. On the 13th of October 1844 Bhudargad was taken by a British force under General Delamotte, and dismantled. Some remains of the fortification, the Dudhsagar lake, Two shiva Temple and a Bhairav Temple are nearby attractions.

What to See :

1.Bhavani Temple and Dhudhsagar Lake.

2. Entrance of east, It’s a continuous bulwark.

3.Shiva’s Temple.

4. DeepMal – The designed rock where keeping lamps at night.

5. Eastern Buruj.

6. Bhairavnath Temp le, Bhudargad.

7. Jakhin Caves.

Where to Stay :-

No Hotels and restaurant on this fort. Nearest place to stay Gargoti.