Old Name :- Markandeya

Height :- 953 mtr. above sea level.

Location : Nearest to Panhala.

Brief History :-

Pavangad was developed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj when he won second time Panhala fort in the 1673. After that Aurangzeb conquered this fort and rename it as Rasulgad. In 1844 British army destroyed this fort. Pavangad is a hill fort in the Kolhapur District, half a mile east of Panhala fort from which it is separated by a ravine(Redeghati). The chief defense of the fort is a scarped rock fifteen to twenty-five feet high. In most places the steepness of the rock has been increased by artificial scarping and it has been strengthened by a parapet wall of Kolhapur black stone fourteen feet high. Main important thing was that there are well of clarified butter, which was used to like medicine of injury in the time of war.

What to See :

1.Clarified butter well.

2.Markendeya Rishi’s Cave.

3.Shiva’s Temple.

4.Yashwant Buruj.

5.Chand-Suraj Buruj.

6.Ganesh Temple.

7.Black Lake.

Where to Stay :-

Available in Panhala Fort.