Height :- 978 meter From sea level

Location: 55 km west from Kolhapur.

Brief History :-

Gagangad was built by Raja Bhoj II (Shilahara dynasty) in 1190. After that Singhan Yadava defeated King Bhoj in 1209 and captured this fort. After dividing Bahamani dynasty this fort goes to under Adilshahi. In Maratha Empire Chh. Rajaram Maharaj appoint there chief of Ramchandrapant Amatya as Jahagir. In 1844 British army demolished Gagangad fort.

Gagangad is known as Gaganbawda is located 55 km from Kolhapur. Gaganbawda is a hill station on the way to Sindhudurg district and Goa and also known as Mahayogi Gagangiri Maharaj.

Gaganbawada is on threshold of famous Karul Ghat & Bhuibawada Ghat. Perhaps the only place having two ghats originating at a single place but going towards different directions, one towards Talere-Kankavali (Karul Ghat) and another towards Kharepatan-Rajapur (Bhuibawada Ghat).

What to See :

1.Entrance of Fort.


3.Well on Balekilla.

4.Gorgeous views in Karul Ghat.

5.Mahayogi Gagangiri Maharaj Monastery.

6.Four View of Bhuibawda Ghat.

7.Old entrance remnants, today not in used.

8.Ancient caves.

9. Gaibi Gahininath Mandir/Masjid.

Where to Stay :-

Many Hotels and restaurant available in Gaganbawda. Also Yatri Nivas on Gagangiri Monastery.