Kolhapuri saaj has special importance for Maharashtrian women. Now in modern life most of the people don’t know the importance and information of this necklace. Formally Kolhapuri saaj has 21 pieces of different designs pendants. Those 21 pieces, ten pieces are reflection of ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Eight pieces are for Ashtamangal.

Two are ruby stone and green stone and last piece of Taviz Pendant warmed for making our self safe from bad things or bad powers which works opposite to God. This necklace typically have a Masa(fish), Kamal(lotus), Karle(bitter ground), Chandra(moon), Bel Paan(leaf), Shankha(conch), Naag(snake), Kasav(tortoise) and Bhunga(bumble bee), Wagh Nakh( nail of tiger) , Taviz, Red and green panadi KirtiMukh opposite each other. It has a pendant of ruby in the center.

Kolhapur is very famous for silver ornaments and here Gujari bazaar is one of the biggest jewellery markets. . Every day millions of business covered and which increase the revenue of Kolhapur.

Hupari is 16 km from Kolhapur, it known for silver ornaments. Princely atmosphere and devotees visiting Mahalaxmi temple from all over India has helped promotion of art and artists in Kolhapur. This traditional business has now reached on world map. Almost 300 kg silver ornaments are exported every day to Gulf countries and many other parts of the world.