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The Indian slogan ‘Athithi devo bhava’ means that guests are like God. Indians have been highly hospitable and this trend is still present in modern India. A guest is revered. Intricate arrangements are made for a guest who comes home for a holiday. The family plans well for the comfort stay of a guest. Going to a broader picture, the tourist visiting India find our country very enigmatic. They have a quest to watch the villagers walk on the rope, eat the butter with rotis and partake in the ritual dance after sunset.

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Foreigners love India as it is a storehouse for art, culture, dance and drama. The ethnic culture is present in clothing which attracts several shoppers who love to collect trinkets and serious artifacts. Responsible tourism is conducted by way of giving the tourist the right concept in tours. Their accommodation in government lodges and private hotels is always a luxury. The importance to tourism is essential as they carry the picture of our culture and hospitality. Our courteous attitude reflects our inner self.

On the economic context, foreign currency in India can be gathered via tourism. Several tourist spots do well all throughout the year and special seasons do exceptionally well as the foreign throng the place for sight seeing trips. A trip for any visitor has to be trouble free. With telecommunication network so strong it has become easy for a foreign visitor to have a pleasurable stay. Taxi cabs, translation books and a dependable guide make the trip interesting. The hygiene conditions in the areas are improving and the well maintained hotels and tourist sports are an all around attraction.

The Ministry of tourism is looking for new ways to encourage tourism in India. It is very much essential for a visitor to enjoy the stay and this is enhanced by facilities like road transport, guides and good hotels. Many hotels have multi cuisine to accommodate the choices of foreigners who generally kind the Indian food very spicy. Tour operators are very systematic with their plans. Complete details about weather conditions, clothes required and facilities are given to the tourists to help them prepare for a holiday.