Brief History :

Chandgad is a town and tehsil headquarters in Kolhapur district. Chandgad covered with dense lush green forest Here climate is cool and fantastic like Mahableshwar hill station. The rains subside in September, with the occasional rainfall in October and November.

Rice, sugarcane, Cashew nuts, Sweet Potato are the major crops. Being part of Western Ghats, Chandgad surrounding is rich in biodiversity and it is a world heritage site. Many new species of flora and fauna are found in this region. Many dams are in chandgad. Ghatprabha and Tamraparni is the biggest river of chandgad.

View Points :- Distances from Chandgad :-
1. Senapati Prataprao Gujar Samadhi Kolhapur (110 km)
2. Tilari Dam  Mumbai (484 km)
3. Fort Gandharvgad
4. Fort Kalanidhigad
5. Fort Mahipalgad
6. Swapnvel Point
7. Nangartas Waterfall
8. Jangamhatti Dam
9. Ramghat Forest
10. Vadyanath
11. Tillari Ghat Sunset point