Height :- 698 meter From sea level

Location: 50 km northwest of Kolhapur.

Brief History :-

Mudagad fort named mention on letter 1748. After Chh.Shivaji Maharaja’s death, this fort control on Peshwa’s(Prime minister of Chh. Shahu Maharaj). Internal quarrel of Maratha’s, Tulaji Angre captured this fort from Peshwa’s. Then after Karvirkar and Sawantwadikar recaptured this fort. In 1839 mentioned in letters, security cause of Karjida Ghat appointed Jyotyajirao Chavan in Mudagad fort.

Mudagad fort is 50th km northwest of Kolhapur. More history not found on this fort and not found any last vestige or remnants of fort buildings. Forts were creating only watch-tower over on Karjida Ghat and Konkan.

What to See :

1.Hatti Lake (Elephant Lake).

2.Karjida Ghat View.

3.Deep Forest View

Guide is strictly and very essential go to the Mudagad.

Where to Stay :-

No Hotels and restaurant on this fort area.