Old Name :- Prasiddhagad

Height :- 790 meter From sea level

Location : Nearest Sahyadri Range.

Brief History :-

Samangad built by King Bhoj II, In 1667 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort from Adilshah. In 1676, the fortifications were considerably improved by Chh. Shivaji Maharaj, subsequent to which it was known as one of the “smallest yet strongest forts” of the Maratha to keep his arms, gunpowder and ‘Rasad’. After Chhatrapati’s death,Samangad captured by Aurangzeb in 1688, but till return in Maratha Empire in August 1701. Aurangzeb again recaptured this fort by his son Bedarbakht and appoints there Shahamir,chief of army. But again Captured by Maratha’s in 1704. When the British Empire took the hold on Kolhapur District, Samangad garrison was firstly to rebel against British army in July 1844. Finally Oct.1844 British army captured and destroyed this fort.

The fort is situated on the oval-shaped top of the hill. The eight-foot-high wall of the fort which encircled the hill top is still intact. Earlier several cisterns cut out of the rock ensured a plentiful supply of water to the fort but by 1957 most of them were in ruins.

The fort is surrounded by trees; it is developed by the social forestry, government of Maharashtra as a tourist place. Also Maruti temple and Chaloba temple near fort is visited by devotees. A village near fort is Naukud which is a rural area having a population around 1000.

What to See :

1.Kaman Baav Scarping well.

2.Ambabai Temple.

3.Chor Darwaja.

4.Rama’s Cave.

5.Shiva’s Temple in Cave.

Where to Stay :-

Not available food and staying facility. Nearest place to stay in Gadhinglaj.