High quality food, sparkling clean restaurants, personalized service and hospitality is the specialty of Kolhapuri restaurents.

You can choose various type of restaurants like covered restaurants, or the wide-open restaurants, or even the rooftop restaurant or surrounded by greenery you can feel the happiness. You can choose a quite nook or a friendly meeting places. Attentive and a very friendly staff, under the watchful eye of the management, will make sure that you will get exactly what you want – at the best quality.

We suggested you all the most popular restaurants in Kolhapur district.

Some Rural Special dishes

Pithala Bhakari

Pithla Bhakri is called as Farmer’s meal in Maharashtra. But because of its awesome test it got popular among all Maharashtra people. Pithla is made up of Besan – chickpea flour. It’s damn easy to make. If you have no veggies in your fridge this is the perfect option. Pithla tastes good with plane rice also. After a hectic day we just prepare Pithla bhat (Rice) for dinner. If you are eating Pithla with rice then the consistency of pithla should be semi fluid. If with bhakri then either semi fluid or complete dry, it is also called as zunka or korda (dry) Pithla. Farmers used to carry this Zunka Bhakri to the farm for a lunch.

Kolhapuri Kharda:

Kharda is a kind of chutney which is actually prepared by poor people living in villages but, it is very tasty and can be used in different recipes to enhance the taste.

Bharali Wangi:

Traditional Maharashtrian curry popularly known as Bharli Vangi or “Stuffed Eggplant” is an exotic dish made with baby eggplants/ brinjals stuffed with spicy masala sweet and tangy gravy.