Old Name :- Kalanandigad

Height :- 1015 meter From sea level

Location: 145 km southern from Kolhapur

Brief History :-

Metioned in Sabhasad Bakhar, Kalanidhigad is built by Chh. Shivaji Maharaj. This fort creating purpose to hold to Herekar Sawant-Bhosale and Tambulwadikar Sawant.

Kalanidhigad Fort is 145th from southern on Kolhapur. The most distinct feature of this fort is the vision range in all the four direction.

What to See :

1.Bhavani Temple area of Fort Kalanidhigad.

2.View of Kalanidhigad.

3.View of Patane Village.

4.View of Tamraparni River.

5.Tillari River.

Where to Stay :-

No hotels and restaurant here.