Old Name :- Prasiddhagad

Height :- 679 meter From sea level

Location: 112 km south side from Kolhapur..

Brief History :-

Rangana Fort built by King Bhoj II. Ahead July 1440, Mohhamad Gawan’s captured this fort. Later dividing of Bahamani dynasty, Adilshahi controlled this fort. In Sep.1660, Rahooji Pandit whose General of Konkan in Chh.Shivaji Maharaj army, taken this fort. Many enemies trying to conquered this fort, but they are helpless. Chh. Shivaji Maharaj spent 6000 Hon’s( ancient time measurement of rupees)for security of Rangana Fort. Ahead, Aurangzeb captured nearest fort Bhudargad, Samangad but he could not able to conquer this fort. Herekar Sawant trying to many times to conquer this fort but fort Rangana was impregnable. Finally he captured this fort only for treachery of Maratha’s Internal fled.

Rangana fort is situated at 112 km. distance from Kolhapur at direct south side on the border of Kolhapur and Sindudurg districts. Bhatwadi is nearest village and small S.T.Stand. From Bhatwadi to Rangana this road passes through thick forest and streams.

It is learnt for local residents that there are some wild animals strolling this forest. Chikkewadi is a small habitat of 8 to 10 houses at 6-7 km. After trekking shrub studded hill for almost 1 1\2 km. first entrance of Rangana in form of broken remains show its presence. Only some wall portion of red stone and excavation of surrounding trench is seen there. The plain area ahead was the Rangan’s historic market place. One can guess that there were many houses nearby. Water vessels made of stones are seen lying scattered. There is a small temple in ruined state. All other area is covered by stones and forest.

There is a small plane portion of hill in the shape of bridge between this place and the main Rangana area. On both sides of this path there are deep valleys. This plain area also seems to be prepared artificially by breaking rocks. If we stand on the plain ground, we see the Rangana’s steep bastion. On both sides of the bastion thick protection walls are constructed. While entering through small walk way on left side of protection wall one sees sky scrapping hill above and deep valley below. After traveling 2 furlongs this way we come to Rangana’s first gate. Salient features of old construction of historic buildings are seen here more prominently. Large sized stones and very delicate decorative carvings are seen everywhere. From first gate, both sides have high stone walls. Now they are getting broken. While climbing up one faces second large bastion and big gate. After this gate on the right side of plane area there is a wall and doorframe indicating old small building (Wada), and in front there is a well supply water all the year round. Ahead of this place there is third gate with arches and red stone walls. There are sitting places in the arches. After crossing that gate we come on the large plane ground. On one side we see the Natures beauty of Konkan up to sea, and on other side area covered with valleys and hills of Kolhapur district watching this magnificent scenery moving ahead. We have to stop at a big lake. One side of this lake is constructed wall. There is a plenty of water storage and this remains permanently. So very near to the lake there is old temple of Rangana the store station of goddess seems to be quite old days. The top tin shade is recent. The carvings on the wooden portion construction are excellent. There is a high DeepMala of black stones. By seeing Hanuman statue there, one can guess that there might be Hanuman temple in old time. If we climb some steep rise through thick buses we go to second peak. One can see Hanumanta Ghat, Sawantwadi to Vengurla region and Manohargad and Mansantoshgad in front. There are three gates this side but all in broken condition. In front, there are large deep fearful valleys.

The rangana area is spread 3 km long and about 1 km wide. There are many water tanks on this fort. It is said that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to stay on this fort while traveling from Raigad to Kokan and Karnataka. It has remained unknown to common man even today because of its construction at a place not comes in normal view. History of Rangana is hidden by forest and hills and therefore, not gets attention of many. But deleting Rangana would be incomplete history of Maharashtra. This was considered as an important place in the region from Goa to Panhala. The trip to Rangana is a test of human also.

Rangana fort is famous as Prasidhagad in the Maratha history. The capital of Kolhapur region was Panhala at all times. At 50 km. south of this place is Rangana fort not easily accessible, strong and not easily defeat able even to enemy. Rangana is near Patgaon a sacred place due to Mouni Maharaj residence in Bhudargad district. Three hundred years back the fort area seems to be surrounded by thick forest. Considering to day’s unauthorized deforestation still the thick forest is there, so the fort is not easily visible to the visitors even they reach at the foot of the fort. The fort is spread over the crest of the Sanhyadri. The fort is standing like an attentive surveillance soldier standing at the most strategic place. From Rangana, forts like Manohar & Mansantosh can be seen. This fort comes under region called as ‘Maval Patta’. The nature full of hills & valleys surrounding Rangana is equally attractive. On this fort, Ranganai temple is standing witness to ancient history. One beautiful lake also is there. Some time ago ancient statue from the temple was found stolen.

What to See :

1. Rangnai’s Temple.

2.Shiva’s Temple.


4.Bhuyari Marg.

5.Ganesh Temple.

5.Konkan Darwaja.

Where to Stay :-

Not available.