Old Name : – Pannagalay (Residence of Snakes)

Height: – 953 meter. From sea level.

Location: 20 km from Kolhapur.

Brief History :-

Fort Panhala was built by Raja Bhoj II (Shilahar dynasty), in 1187. Then it passed on to Singhana (Yadav Dynasty) and under Adil Shahi rule,1489. Fort Panhala is close to joints the history of the Maratha Empire. Chh. Shivaji Maharaj firstly captured this fort on 28th Nov. 1659 and spend his time approximately eight months in this fort. Chh.Shivaji Maharaj escaped on July 13, 1660 from Panhala. Chh. Shivaji Maharaj was under siege of Siddi Jouhar on Panhala fort from 2nd March 1660. The siege lasted long and all food stocks had finished and made things difficult for Chh.Shivaji. It was impossible to defeat the 30,000 soldiered troop of Siddi. Chh.Shivaji with some 600 mavalas(soldier) decided to escape to Vishalgad, 65 kms away. It was Ashadi Pournima, with heavy rains falling. Shivaji informed Siddi that he would surrender hence Siddi troops were little careless. Taking advantage Chh.Shivaji escaped from Panhala. Unless, he had safe till he reached Vishalgad. Some how Siddi’s troops spotted Chh.Shivaji escape, he immediately sent Siddi Masood with horsed troops behind him and they got hold of Chh.Shivaji, who was later brought to Siddi’s camp. But it was Chh.Shivaji’s game plan; person whom they had caught was not Shivaji, but Siva Kashid Nhavi(A barber) who was immediately killed. Siddi somehow came to know that Chh.Shivaji was on his way to Vishalgad, and so sent troops behind him. Chh.Shivaji knew that Siddi’s troops were followed him. Veer Baji Prabhu, Chh.Shivaji’s loyal sardar decided to stay in Ghod Khind with 300 mavalas, a col were mountain ridges near Vishalgad unite and was the only way to Vishalgad then. Baji with his 300 mavalas had guerilla warfare at Ghodkhind and held the Siddis troops there. They fought bravely till their death. It was only after Baji heard the canon fire indicating safe reach of Shivaji at Vishalgad, he gave his life. It was 22 hour continuous journey from Panhala to Vishalgad. Story didn’t end here; Chh.Shivaji had to fight his way to Vishalgad. Vishalgad is a fort difficult to conquer, difficult to lay siege. Also even if siege was laid, one would have enough time to escape to Konkan. Siddi was building siege on Vishalgad, but Chh.Shivaji with his diplomatic trick made Adil Shah bring back Siddi Jouhar.

This fort recaptured by Ali Adil Shah II in January 1661. Annaji Pant, led by Kondaji Farzand regains Panhala,6 March 1673. It was Maratha State capital until 1782 and in 1827.Panhala fort is 20th km northwest of Kolhapur. The main importance of Panhala has guarding one of the principal routs through the Western Ghat.

Historical Point :-

Pusati Buruj (bastion) -
   An ancient time Pusati Buruj was a place of soldiers to keep an eye on enemies movement and prevent the attack for him. Its shows a beautiful natural view on Masai Pathar.

Teen Darwaja (Three Gates) -
   Teen Darwaja was a one of the fully secure entrance to fort an ancient time.

Ambarkhana –
   It’s also called at “Dhanya Kothar”. It’s an administrative division as well as storage place, the Mint, and the granaries for the armies. There are three buildings titled Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati, the granaries could store as much as 25,000 Khandis of grain.

Tabak Udyan –
   Garden & Snake museum.

Veer Baji Prabhu Deshpande –
  The great worrier who sacrifices his life for Chh. Shivaji Maharaja.

Char Darwaja -
  This was a main entrance for Fort but unfortunately now these all are not exist.

Someshwar Lake & Temple –
   One of the lake and Shiva’s Temple on Panhala fort.

Veer Shiva Kahshid –
  The great worrier who sacrifice of one’s life for Chh. Shivaji Maharaja.

Sajja Kothi –
  Sajja Kothi offers a gorgeous view of Warana Valley below. Sajja Kothi is a three-storied building built by the Mohammedan.

Andhar Baav -
  Baav means Well. It’s famous for ancient Architecture.

Naykinicha Sajja –
  Ancient time dancing and singing entertainment place. It’s also called as Kalavantinicha Sajja.

Nagzhari –
  Lake of Panhala Fort

Where to Stay :-

Many Hotels and restaurant is available on the Fort. Now Panhala is Famous for hills station & one of the famous Tourism point of Kolhapur Dist.