Shukruwar Jain Math

This math is in Sukravar Peth a short distance from the Sukrawar Dharmasala. The math is very old. The 9th meter high idol of Bhagwan Adinath is situated in this temple. It is said that last chapter of ‘Shatkhadagam’ was written on this temple. The main gate or Nagarkhana is very beautiful and is similar to the nagarkhana of the old Palace.

It is, however, surmounted by a number of four-pillared towers. The main arched gateway is very beautiful. This nagarkhana or gate was built 80 years ago by Mathadhipati Laxmisen Maharaj at a cost of Rs. 61,000. It was build of black stone and is 65 ft. in height.

At present there is only an open space beyond the gate, except for a small structure at right angles to the main gate and joined to it. The old math building appears had been destroyed and the upper stores of the main gate and the other structure are at present being used as math.