Amba Forest

Amba is located in the western ghat of the Maharashtra. Located amongst the richest mega bio diversity areas, apart from Arunachal Pradesh, western ghat is one of the suggested areas by world Heritage Organization. Amba Ghat – (400 kms from Mumbai and 260 kms from Pune) Amba Ghat (2000+ ft asl) lies 65-70 kms from Kolhapur on the Kolhapur – Ratnagiri Highway. Amba Ghat is surrounded by rainforests and Bison Wildlife Sanctuary.

The area is excellent for a nature centric getaway and bird watchers. Jeep Safaris in reserve forest around is possible. Amba Ghat lies off the NH-4 (Mumbai – Bangalore highway via Pune) / NH-17 (Mumbai – Goa Coastal Highway

Seasonality – Visited all round the year. June-Sept is best time of the year as the area comes alive as several waterfalls spontaneously come alive. Oct – March is best time to visit the area for Migratory birds.The original Amba Fortest, the huge forest of the back waters of Manoli Dam and Dam were also submerged as the part of the sanctuary. Today, it sprawls over the area of 350 is situated on the Western Ghats of the Shayadri Range and is filled with flora and fauna amidst the Dajipur Bison Sancutary and the area around 200+ Bird Species are found. most notably being Horn bills.

Amba is also a trekkers delight and where one can trek around Forts of Shivaji i.e. Panhala and Vishalgad.

Guests can do Jeep Safaris (Day and night safaris), undertake excursions and engage themselves in a variety of Indoor as well as outdoor activities

Climate :

Climate is cool and dry throughout the year and evening are below 18 degree hence AC not required. During Monsoon, It rains heavily and jungles are full with waterfalls and mist.

Access: Ratnagiri – 65 km, Kolhapur – 70 km, Mumbai – 380 km, Pune – 260 km

Jungle Resort is visited as an ex-Mumbai / Pune Getaway and as a part of Maharashtra Itinerary / Birding Itinerary.

The evergreen tropical forest of Amba has a profusion of thick foliage and sprawling trees and abounds in medicinal herbs, more than 800 varieties of plants, trees and shrubs are seen here. The water is extremely cool as the place 609 mtrs above sea level. Heavy monsoon showers account for a thick forests and ever flowing springs and brooks. Amongst the antelopes, one can find Leopards, Indian Gaur, cheetals, sanbhars, marking deer, mouse deers, from the reptiles, cobras, Malabar Pit vipers, Rat snakes and vine snakes are seen along with unlimited variety of birds & Butterfly. Bajiprabhu sanctuary offers a visual feast for animals and bird watchers.

What to See :

1 The evergreen tropical forest, Lots of no in Medicinal plants

2 Leopards, cheetals, sanbhars, Barking deer, Mouse deers Indian gaur.

3 The Reptiles, cobras, vipers, Rat snakes, Tree Snakes.

4 Unlimited variety of birds like Malabar Horn bills, Paradise Flycature, Tragon, .

Where to Stay:

PavanKhind Holiday Resorts, Amba Resorts

Nearest Places:

Fort Vishalgad (22 Km)

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