Dajipur – Indian Gaur Sanctuary

Dajipur Sanctuary is located in the western ghat of the Maharashtra. Located amongst the richest mega bio diversity areas, apart from Arunachal Pradesh, western ghat is one of the suggested areas by world Heritage Organization.

The original Dajipur sanctuary, a small belt of 20 kilometers was a hunting reserve for ChhatrapatiShahuMaharaj of Kolhapur. In 1958, it was converted into Dajipur sanctuary for Bison (Gaur – a kind of buffalo). Later in 1985, the huge forest of the back waters of Kalammawadi Dam and Radhanagari Dam were also submerged as the part of the sanctuary. Today, it sprawls over the area of 350 sq.km.

The evergreen tropical forest of Dajipur has a profusion of thick foliage and sprawling trees and abounds in medicinal herbs, more than 800 varieties of plants, trees and shrubs are seen here. The water is extreamely cool as the place 1200 mtrs above sea level. Heavy monsoon showers account for a thick forests and ever flowing springs and brooks. Amongst the antelopes, one can find cheetals, sanbhars, marking deer, mouse deers, from the reptiles, cobras, vipers, Rat snakes and vine snakes are seen along with unlimited variety of birds. Dajipur sanctuary offers a visual feast for animals and bird watchers.

What to See :

1 The evergreen tropical forest.

2 cheetals, sanbhars, marking deer, mouse deers.

3 the reptiles, cobras, vipers, Rat snakes.

4 unlimited variety of birds.

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